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Alpaca Fur Shopping in Peru


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Has anyone ever been alpaca fur shopping in Peru? If so, would you be able to answer a few questions?

Where is the best place to buy quality products? eg Lima, Cusco, stores or markets

What currency do you pay in?

Are there are traps to be careful of?

What type of products do you buy? eg coats, bedspreads, rugs, teddy bears, jumpsuits.

Did you have any customs issues coming home?

Were the savings worth the journey going all that way as compared to buying on line eg through Cusco Stores or iOffer?


many thanks


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I visited Peru some years back and found that the quality of blankets there was not as good as I can get here. Was in both Lima and Cuzco. I thought I would find a huge selection of quality blankets but that's not the way it was. I remember several of the vendors telling me that if I bought a blanket lots of babies would soon be on the way - they obviously know what a turn on furry sex is

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