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Does the Fursluts website still work?


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The demise of FFG came about because of the issues that Cookie had been through, and a few months ago, the furs that were regularly seen on the Fursluts site were up for sale on eBay.

It comes as no surprise, unfortunately, that Cookies other site has folded too.


Cookie has served our community well, and I wish him well in solving what seems to have been a very trying time.

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The following may not be fact. However. There are two different stories in regards to this issue.


1. That the major reason for FFG going under was that Cookie did a lot of work on material for members, and tried to charge in able to present better material for people, but way too many people forwarded that information on other sides so people could see it for free. So Cookie finally got tired of seeing his copyright material stolen so, he finally simply said "To Hell with it!" And abandoned everything. He waited for a length of time to abandon the site in case he changed his mind, but finally decided to do it.


2. The other story is that Cookie is still around even yet under another name. He is not posting to a huge amount but is doing so to a small extent under another name.


I want to stress that I think that it is likely both statements are at least partly true, but I want to stress that they may also be rumours.


We have heard from "One or Two" staff members of the old site, but have been asked to not post this information as to who we have heard from. "Some" staff members come here to look and may at some time post here under either a new name or their old one. We respect their privacy so we will not indicate who we know to have come here. We DO know if Cookie is "Stall around" as "tylrkrby" asked and if so how much, but since we have been asked to not post this information, we have posted the common rumour as this at least partly answers your question.


I hope that this is not too confusing.

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