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Two pics of Rosamund Pike in Fur, but one is Photoshopped!


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I found these two pictures of the Die Another Day actress on Pinterest...


and I thought this next one was too good to be true!:roll:


It wasn't very long before I found the original photo for her head at


although the backdrop and the Lynx Fur are new to me.

If anyone can identify the original pic of the Lynx, I'd be grateful.

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As the culprit to this, I should apologize for the deception . The intention was not to take you for a ride but merely to sample the exhilaration of seeing one of my favorite actresses in fur. The composite image came originally from a larger image on my tumblr blog but I cannot control what people do with the images (not that I particularly mind) when they are downloaded or copied. I always strive to specify the provenance of images (in their entirety, not the parts) that I upload but this is rarely done around the internet which is to the disadvantage to people like you who expect an honest picture only to discover that it is basically some lowly photoshopping.


About the origin of your lynx pic:

The only information I have is that I downloaded it off FFG on Aug.3, 2008, no note on poster. The original filename was "126593439496299920_OjYMjBt3.jpg", sized at 540 x 800 pixels. It is floating around on tumblr, flickr and pinterest but Google's image search only turned up some smaller versions like this:


If you PM me I can give you the one I have.

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