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Furriers, Kastoria and Greece's financial future

Guest majsl

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Hi all


New member ... mostly interested in the fashion/consumer, manufacture and industry side of things.


As a fan (and consumer) of fur fashion I'm concernced about Greece's current financial turmoil. I was wondering if any members had thoughts on the topic and how it may impact the fur industry in Greece (in particular Kastoria). For example workmanship by furriers. such as our local member Mailon from whom I've brought coats for my wife and I in the past and others like Tsoukas Bros, who each have their niche/contribution in/to the market are all likely to be impacted in different ways which may very much transform the long term future of the industry. For example a move to Chinese manufacturers may implications for both manufacture and animal ethics standpoints.




As an aside I hope things are okay for the furriers in Greece!



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Truth is that fellow furriers are facing many difficulties, not so much from the economical situation here in Greece, but mostly from the problems the Ukrainia/Russian confrontation has caused. The drying of the economy in Greece is just getting things even worse.

Some of the facts are:

-closing down of greek fur stores in Dubai

-less and less Russian tourists in Greek Islands, thus less sales.

-No Ukrainians at all

-weaker Russian Ruble


Still, Kastoria and its fur trade has shown a unique toughness throughout the years, so I believe that we will Greek furriers will overcome all the troubles and see better days in the future.

Some businesses might close down but some (including us, MAILON, I hope) will become even stronger.


Thank you though for your thoughts and words of support.

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Thanks Kostas for your thoughtful reply. Do you think there will be much of a shift in types and quanity of manufacture undertaken in Greece vs China as a result? Do you think there has been much impact on high end sales?

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About 10 years ago Kastoria was producing the 10% of furs globaly.

Now it is only 1%

It only affects the weakest companies that might compromise their quality to get a better/easier profit, so it is important to buy from companies that have proven their quality and companies you trust.

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