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Pictures on site http://www.volpe.nu/ are made in . . . . .


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Dear furlovers,


The serie pictures from the site http://www.volpe.nu/ are great and I was very inquisitive where the pictures where made and the administrator asked for guessing!


After studying the pictures I do believe that a lot of pictures, maybe all, are made in Milan.

Going to the volpe site and to the chapter "Gallery Fur in street 29", picture on the 5th column from the left and 2nd row from above you will see the the part of the gate of the Milan Cathedral. Comparing this picture with the picture I did found on the internet, I am 99% sure. http://www.bluffton.edu/~sullivanm/milancath/centerfacade.jpg


Is Milan the best place for fur watchers? The pictures telling the truth but I don't now the date they where made!


Any reactions?


Soft regards,






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