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my kit fox fur pillow; private message me if you want to see

Guest manywonderfulfurs

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photos of it.



Furs By Graf originally wanted $195 for this. Today, they reduced the price to $65 and I bought it. The pillow is gorgeous. The craftsmanship is incredible. I am always amazed by the skill of furriers. They let out garments with incredible skill. They shear fur so evenly. They make let-out fur coats appear to be made of one continuous piece of fur. My clumsy hands could never do this. I am horrible at any handicraft. The best thing I do with my hands is write and type. THAT I can do.


I am writing a book everyone. It is called Acabade and will be a children's novel Ah Cah Bade (past tense of bid as in to bid farewell)



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