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Peta Celebrities Who Wear Fur

Guest CruelIsHot

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I love when celebrities do an ad for PETA and then go right back to wearing fur. I firstly think it is hilarious, but as you might have guessed I also enjoy the cruel aspect of this. Even though these hot celebrities have learned about all those poor widdle animals they still choose cruel beauty over political correctness. That's just my spin that I'm sure not everyone agrees with. But I'm sure we can all agree watching hot PETA celebrities wear fur after they promised they wouldn't is pretty great!


I made a gallery of a bunch of examples: http://imgur.com/a/nLREu


Does anyone no of anyone else who's gone from PETA to fur loving, whether they be a celebrity or someone in your own life?

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My cousin and I once made plans to visit Alaska and visit the fur rondy festival and even though she's anti-fur she agreed to wear fur for the sake of the event just to make it more fun. Unfortunately she had started a new job a few months after those plans were made so we've postponed them for the following year.

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I love the hypocrisy!!!


The anti fur bandwagon is so easy to get on. I respect those "celebrities " who stand up for their values although I'll forgive the others as I can't resist a Hottie in fur....

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I don't want to seem negative, here, but I was kind of skeptical.

I checked the dates of the various pictures, ads or appearances.


Here is why:

I can't imagine how the producers of Sesame Street would feature an actress or public personality on a children's show after she has posed butt nekkid for a nationally distributed ad.


Yes, many shows don't really worry about things like that so much but a show like Sesame Street is such a politically charged atmosphere that the producers have the be very careful about the people they feature and the kinds of things that they say.

Look at all the controversy that the mere suggestion of changing "Cookie Monster's" name to "Veggie Monster" caused.


If you hit Wikipedia and look at Tajari P Henson's bio, you will see that she "joined" the ranks of P∂TA in 2013 but her role as "Cookie" on the show, "Empire" started in 2014-15. Her appearance on Sesame Street must have come after that.


This causes a lot of skepticism in my mind. Yes! It stinks of hypocrisy!

If I had my way, I'd be calling her out on this and I'd bring up the nudity issue because of her appearing on a kid's television show, too.


But the bottom line is still that we need to check dates on these appearances and ad campaigns to make sure that the "Pro-Fur" appearances come AFTER the anti-fur ones.


If the Pro-fur ones came after the anti-fur ones, I agree. They should be called out. But if the anti-fur ones came later, we need to let them alone so that they don't blow up in our faces, so to speak.


BTW: I have always gotten a kick out of that "I'd rather go naked" campaign.

It seems kind of ludicrous to me.


You mean to tell me that, if I buy more fur, hot chicks will get naked?


If so, I think I'll run right out and buy a dozen furs!

I might be inclined to purchase some stock in fur companies too!


The more fur we buy... The more hot chicks get naked!


I'm all for that!

How about you?

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Ummm, no, that second link makes it clear that Tajari appeared on Saturday Night Live, not Sesame Street, back in early April as the article is dated for the 12th of that month...

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Yeah the "Sesame Street" one is actually from snl, I just labeled it as such to go with the joke. Also all of the examples provided are of wearing fur after the peta ad. I do not want to highlight people who give up on fur!

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I'm the opposite.



I see the PETA list and then look up more of the celebrities and pics of them in fur!

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Regarding Cindy Crawford: I had read somewhere that she distanced herself from PETA after learning they were against animal use for biomedical research. She had a brother pass from cancer. Obviously she would feel strongly about the value of biomedical research. NOTE: I have not verified the above.

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I don't want to revive a thread needlessly, but I don't know if there will ever be a more perfect example of this. Miley Cyrus has apparently been heralded by PETA as their sexiest vegetarian of the year. Sexy yes, but I'm not sure if the girl who wears pairs of mink lined slippers and countless furs (

) fits the description as someone with quote: "unflinching dedication to animal rights". Miley's unflinching dedication to animal fashion is more like it! I made an album comparing PETA's idiocy to electing a beautiful fur wearer such as Miley as a representative.

The article: http://www.peta.org/features/sexiest-vegetarian-celebrity-2015-miley-cyrus/

What is Fur Real: http://imgur.com/a/7Fe9O



If you want to avoid my mini-rant, here are the links without my annoying ramblings




Hopefully this is an acceptably fitting contribution to bring this thread back from the dead.

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