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A dreamy fur coat from Fendi: Let's discuss how it's made


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I have just noticed this beautiful fur coat by Fendi:


th_197316909_Fendi_fw15_203_122_547lo.jpg th_341973258_Fendi_fw15_205_122_164lo.jpg




Its colors are extraordinary. Let's discuss how it's made. I think it's fox, not some kind of raccoon, but the tips are quite unusual. Could it be bleached? But I have never heard of a bleached platinum or marble platinum fox. What do you say?

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Interesting coat ... it seems a bit different than just being feathered. Vaguely reminds me of knitted furs ... is this a double sided coat? I guess they could have given the skins the effect before beginning the process of feathering.

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That Fendi fox coat is stunning.


The airgallon technique makes pelts go a lot further. It looks very labor intensive.

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