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Interesting and forgotten corners of the Den

White Fox

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This is the third of these posts as I recall. This is in fact not really a little forgotten corner of the Den, but is an area of it's own.


Did you know that there is another whole area to our web site dedicated to Wool and Sweaters? It can be found here...




Or simply click the link on our URL bar above where it says "Melody". Melody is the name of that site.


You can also click a linking forum on our list of forums as well.


***I highly recommend that you visit that site. They are a fantastic bunch of folks over there, and even if you don't share their "Special Love" they are a great bunch of folks and you will enjoy them.

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Minor technical correction:

Melody O'Hair (melodyohair.net) is actually a separate website that shares the Den's server.

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