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fleece fourm


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Interesting question. In the Den we like to avoid posts on cheap imitation furs for instance as much as possible as that is off topic. Fleece is probably further so. But possibly we could work this down in the Specialty Forums area.


I would like to hear some opinions on this. Would you like to see such a forum? Are you against anything but real fur here?


Let us know your thoughts. Since this IS more or less against our basic aim of fur only we would need to talk about it but I WILL assure you that we will do it! And by the way, please do not let us forget it.



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That's cool I know when I was on the ffg the fleece fourm was close to the size of the fur fourm we had a lot more post a day but no I'm not a hint fur I share both fur fleece and swears its probably just the thought of tight clothing aside fur never seen tight clothing in fur

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Just my two cents...


If we're talking about fleece like sheepskin and similar, that would come under the heading of "fur" in my book.

But if we're talking about stuff like "Polar Fleece" and faux, that would not be fur. Since we try to downplay the "fake fur" unless it is only an occasional topic of discussion or as a comparison, etc., the general concept of "fleece" would normally not belong in the main fur forum.


However, if there is enough interest, I would be in favor of creating a forum heading for fleece and faux.


That would be more of a group decision, AFAIAC.

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With all due respect - This isn't a fleece forum.


Faux, and fur lined can be in the regular fur den area. Just make a topic explaining as such.

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I agree! Fleece it up!!! Just bought a ton of new fleece hoodies to writhe around in There may not be very many of us fleece freaks out here, but we sure would like to have a place to be aloud to chat about how we feel about it, along with experiences.


It's human nature to WANT to connect. Imagine not having anyone to connect with and then any place where the 6/9,000,000,000 people on earth try to do so, we get shunned and shut down. It always ends up being just another fur forum, too.. (probably because that's the closest thing to fleece that anyone has made a web forum about.)


If any fellow fleece lovers are looking for pics out there, I'll be making a board or two on pinterest for just that purpose, in the very near future. user name secret freak

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