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Information Zone Forum ideas needed

White Fox

Should we delete the Information Zone and it's Forum on this site?  

12 members have voted

  1. 1. Should we delete the Information Zone and it's Forum on this site?

    • Yes, delete it as I don't find it useful and it is just one more forum that should never have been placed here.
    • No, do not delete it as I think members would like a place to ask questions about how the site works, or a place to give you suggestions, or read announcements so they don't clutter the Den.
    • I don't care with option you choose.

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You will have noticed our forum in the Information zone. The purpose of it is clearly described as


"If you have any question about the site, just ask it here and a REAL PERSON will answer! Also this is a forum for announcements, feedback, and the "Suggestion Box" for The Den."


We would like to know your ideas. As you see there are several reasons for it's existence, but it is VERY seldom used except for announcements and those of course COULD be made here in the Den.


Please let us know via the poll if you would like to see this forum kept, or would you prefer it to be deleted. Or please also answer if you don't really care. If we remove it we remove our suggestions box for instance. But of course in turn you could PM us with suggestions, etc.


Thanks all.

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It is interesting how thoughts have swung back and forth on this topic. I am personally wondering if maybe we should make any announcements in the main Den Forum and turn the information forum into a place for suggestions and questions. Announcements for instance are posts to tell when our forums or Gallery might be going down for maintenance or that sort of thing.


Anyhow, I hope to see more thoughts on this and more votes during the next three or four days. Then, we can use the information to bring about any changes resulting from it.


Thanks all


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