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Furriers in Melbourne Australia


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Hey there friends,


Sorry for the general callous but for those down under fur lovers.


Does anyone know of any Furriers in Melbourne?


I'm in town for the next couple of days. I remember there used to be a fantastic 2nd hand fur specialist but for the life of me can't remember where or what it was called.


Thanks in advance.



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Thanks Den,


Planisek appear to be closing down, they are obviously clearing out and plan to close down in July or August http://www.planinsek.com.au/.


Although the furrier I was thinking about was Linda Black (http://www.lindablack.com.au/) Its a 2nd hand specialist. I went their old store.


Unfortunately, don't think ill get a chance to head over to either. Think there would be some bargins to be had at Plainsek...


Any other Melbournaian fur lovers our there??

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That sucks that Planisek is closing down, I always took a walk up to the Sofitel whenever I was in Melbourne to have a bit of a look through their window and imagine what I could do in there

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Planisek closing - a shame.


Linda Black is still operational I think.


I used to use the old furriers near Punt Road....essentially a workshop...Cornelius. They are still in phone book I think.



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