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Fetish Mistress

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Are you completely right in your head cos your posts make no F*cking sense to me, and anyway thought we had got rid of you...


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I think as her/his name suggests Trash... And trouble!

Mistress XXX


Can we PLEASE stop egging this on? It's getting quite old just like the forever reposted FFG banter. Talk about furs, or why you think the sky is blue. Just give it a rest already!!

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Dear Neo.......totally agree......its all about self bloating and a narcissistic attitude...


Dear TT, we all cannot wait till the 15th of whatever....and then we can return to normality. Enjoy your retirement.



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As I posted on another topic, this is a dead issue and I will not explain why here.


Please do NOT reply further.


We do not like to lock topics, but occasionally it becomes necessary.

Move on and get back to discussing furs.

Let this topic die and drift down the page so I do not have to lock it.

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