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Ok this is just a suggestion I want this site to work am lost without ffg and well this is home now have been chatting alot people in chat and seem so disappointed in this site So what can we as chat members do to help and what would you like to see the moderators do to help improve your experience here So hopes the mods read here often and people that read this will also put their thought here

One thing id like to see is a more user friendly way to add movies etc and photos I wanna see more people encouraging the people that do put up post in the fur den or as called at present the kinky back room Even jusy i agree or thanks is sufficent when reading or someone posts a movie or pic You registered for a reason anyone can see your here by looking at members list so speak up input and help make this site grow stop whining about i miss ffg its gone unless we make this site work we maybe all will get lost in the net no place to call our fur community Makes me sad when i see tryxie wanting leave for good she been alot fun in the chat room So make suggestion here please

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One thing id like to see is a more user friendly way to add movies etc and photos

Could you provide more detail as to what you mean by the above statement

For items (images, movies, etc) where the file is hosted online, you can easily add links to your posts. Examples:


Either form shown in the above code window will work.


You should be able to add images to your posts and have them displayed in your post using the image BBcode tags around the URL (if they are hosted somewhere online).



Or you should be able to upload an image (or other file type) and attach it to your post if the file is 256 KB or smaller. Click on the "Upload attachment" tab below the compose window when creating a post. If you do not see the "Upload attachment" tab when creating a post, let me know as that means there is a permissions problem. Note: the attachment facility is not available in a few forums such as Chat scheduling, but should be available in most forums.

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This is not FFG nor will it ever will be (god willing). I see a lot of complaints, but I don't see a lot of actual feedback.


In every forum reply post you have options above the text block for quotes, Images (Img), URLs, colors, etc. Movies aren't going to be embedded - especially from porn sites. Youtube embedding will happen once we upgrade to phpbb 3.1 (which is in the works).


I personally don't want to see members leave for silly reasons, and some members want to leave because change isn't happening fast enough. To each their own, but at least work is being done. Marcel is attempting his own forum, and by all means I hope he does well, but free hosting will never give you freedom to do what you want easily, or with the bandwidth required.


We have the "Information Zone" for questions, and a subforum under our main forums for suggestions. As well as this thread. I implore ANYONE who has suggestions to do so, and they are sure to be implemented as long as they are within reason.


I will be working on styles, etc for our migration to the new board, and hopefully we will get that done very soon.


If you have other suggestions, either post them here, send me a private message, or make a poll. However you see fit! We welcome it.

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As a suggestion will not be here much for next few weeks as is womens world cup soccer here so out and about Please people make posts even just a hello or thank you the lack of activity here in all the forumns scares me as this place need to grow Please styop the childish things positive only be nice Have a furry day all

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