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Furrier in N.W. Pennsylvania Region?

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We're looking for a good, reputable furrier in our area.


We are willing to travel within the Cleveland/Buffalo/Pittsburgh triangle. Maybe a little farther if the incentive is there.


We've been looking for furriers in our area without results.


Any clues?



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I moved this topic from the Marketplace forum as the subject is more appropriate here in the Fur Den.

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My wife and I have been shopping for furs for a little while now. We've been haunting the internet and searching through ebay.


Basically, we have decided that, no matter how much we learn on the net, there's just no substitute for hands-on shopping, especially for our first real fur coat.


We need to get her measured and fitted for a coat. You just don't have that luxury on the internet. We figure it's going to be more expensive to buy from "brick and mortar" shops but, for the service, it's a price we are willing to pay.


I've been searching the phone book and the internet for a furrier or at least an upscale women's clothier who sells furs. We have had no luck at all.


We'll drive a reasonable distance. We live about 2 hours north of Pittsburgh, PA

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I can only speak about Pittsburgh. Carl Herrmann Furs and Canadian Fur Company is about it in Pittsburgh anymore, and I can't recommend either one of them - not because they're bad; I just have never been in either store. My favorites have either gone out of business or have moved. Furs by Abravenal was a great store They closed after over 50 years in the business. The Fur Galleria closed, too. I loved that place. Nice, friendly personnel who allowed me to have fun in the store. And, of course, I have to fondly remember Max Azen Furs. Out of business after about 75 years in the fur business. Azen's had a big store right in the middle of Pittsburgh, which is now a Subway station. Jerome Wolk moved from downtown to West Mifflin, which is just outside of Pittsburgh. I have never been in their new location. Their downtown location was small, but nice. Kaufmann's Department Store in the city always had an awesome fur department, but all of a sudden, about 15 years ago, it disappeared. Macy's bought out Kaufmann's (owned by Mays) recently, so maybe furs will reappear in the new Macy's stores, both downtown and the larger malls. Lazarus has furs in a couple of their larger mall stores in the Pittsburgh area. Birger Christensen, a big name in furs, has a listing in the Pittsburgh phone book, but I don't think they have a storefront. I think they work with exclusive clients, and on special orders.


There are also a couple of furriers in Pittsburgh neighborhoods. The only one that I would think would have anything special would be Pryor Furs. I don't know anything about them, only that they are located in Shadyside, an upscale Pittsburgh neighborhood.

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I'd have thought furriers would've been pretty easy to find in the Pittsburgh/Cleveland area... I guess I just don't get out that way that much anymore...



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