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Anti Fur Ads with Great Furs

Guest CruelIsHot

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My love for furs has been with me since I can remember but I only had a few encounters with real furs. It was around Christmas time when I passed a fur salon in the mall. I was nervous but I had to go in as I had never seen such beautiful furs except on TV and in magazines. I was greeted by an older lady who asked me if she could help me. I simply asked if I could touch a fur. I was sure she was going to give me the boot as I was way to young to afford a fur and I was alone. In the end I felt a few furs and another lady who was shopping for a fur thought I was sweet. The shop owner told me if I liked furs so much to come back in a few years and buy a coat! I spent about fifteen minutes in the company of some nice people who made me feel relaxed as I was introduced to the wonderful world of furs. I find it disturbing that people who like fur are portrayed as cruel greedy people BUT if you have violent, gruesome TV shows where people harm and kill PEOPLE for whatever reason it's entertainment. I won't mention the NEWS or GAMES or the real life insane things people or groups do to each other. I would NEVER harm anyone or make any living creature suffer BUT fur lovers are cruel? WTF?

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I love the video but I can't shake the feeling that most of the furs present in the print ads are fake. lol how hilarious would it be for this Lynx group to smear paint and blood on a fake fur instead of a real one. Wouldn't that dilute their message a little?

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