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Strange... Anyone know the answer?

White Fox

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OK. This one is easy. Someone will know the answer instantly. Only thing we ask is that you do not use "Search" as that just spoils the fun for everyone.


The detective brought the old farmer into the station for questioning regarding the murder of his old friend.


His defense was as follows. "Sir, I could not have done this as right then I was at home watching three of my pea cocks laying their eggs that day." He was immediately arrested for giving false information to the police.


Why did they know that he was lying?



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Too bad more people are not involved in that today. But with BIG agriculture coming along there is less and less land to do it on today. You learn a lot from a big garden, or a goat or sheep or cow or two on the farm. A duck here and there, and a few chickens.


(You especially learn a lot when you wank across a lawn in bare feet, that a few geese waddled across and dined on a short while before. Those who had done that will know well what I mean!)

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