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SAGA press release


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Just got the press releases for upcoming Montreal Fur Show starting this coming week.


Guess what is hot guys???


FOX!!! They have not been on the fashion hot list for a very longtime!


They are emphasizing the short jackets that are so sexy.


Sure wish I was going to be there!


Oh, well. Next year!!



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I saw an item on ebay the other day in knitted fox (jacket). it looked very soft and stylish, and it seems to be appearing more and more. Anyone have any thoughts on knitted fox.


Is it as good as it looks? does it tend to be knitted from lower grade scraps? Does it wear or lose shape? Is it just a way of making profit from what would have been thrown away.

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Gee... Fox made it to the Saga Hot List?? How the heck did he manage that without Foxy Lady finding out *grin*


I'm quite sly like that.

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and looking for a huge blue fox coat/jacket for myself, for wearing and having some fun by myself and the blue fox as well 8)

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