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Need your advice

White Fox

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Folks make sure that you go to the adult area and post your preference for a new name there for that forum. there are only three days and one will soon be gone already!


I notice that one of the most preferred names seems to be rather similar to the old one. So, if you want a NEW name make sure that you get out and vote. Or if you like the old one register that as well. Up to two votes in each poll. So, this round you can vote for 6 different choices. Then, in another couple o' days you can vote in the last poll to give us the final name choice.


Have fun. This is your choice. So make sure you make use of it! We want you folks to NAME that forum!


Thanks all


White F

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Folks a lot of people have voted here already! That is fantastic!


But make sure you vote here and make your choice known. We really WANT to hear from you! Time is now almost half gone. So get your vote in early.


This WILL be the name that YOU folks choose! Make sure we get rid of that terrible name that it is called now, and pick out a fantastic NEW one!



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