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There are several features of this board you might not be aware of or haven't really looked into that could enhance your use of the board.


  • Friends & Foes lists:
    In the User Control panel is the Friends & Foes tab.
    If you frequently send PMs to certain users, having their username in your Friends list makes addressing the PM much easier. The Compose PM page will display the usernames on your friends list with an add button beside each one.
    This list is for those usernames whose posts you generally wish to ignore. Any post from a user on your foes list will be reduced to a one line message with a link to display the post if you wish.
  • Subscribing to forums and/or topics:
    At the bottom of the page listing a forum's topics is the Subscribe forum link. Clicking on this link allows you to be notified if there have been any updates to that forum.
    Similarly, there is a Subscribe topic link at the very bottom of a page showing posts in the topic. Subscribing to a topic allows you to be notified if there have been any updates to the topic.
    You can manage your subscriptions in your User Control Panel.
  • Another feature frequently overlooked in the User Control Panel's Board Preferences tab is the Edit display options sub-tab. In this area you can make major changes to how topics and posts are displayed including sort order and if images, avatars, and/or signatures are displayed.
  • FAQ:
    There is a Frequently Asked Questions page included in phpBB that explains most of the standard features. Look for the FAQ link in the page header.

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My God. It is AMAZING what you can learn here!


Thanks AK. You are absolutely right that there are a whole lot of commands that can be useful. I also by times just kind of browse through that User Control Panel again just to see what I have forgotten that is actually possible.



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