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A great new surprise!

White Fox

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Folks we have a temporary new "area" coming here. Marcel I am sorry that I could not answer you about this yesterday but we did not have the deal completed then.


Many of you have saw and read some of the posts by Brandy in her former area here. Well, that is normally a pay area here but we have made a deal with Brooke to allow her to do the same thing here for a month compliments of us. In return she will be promoting our site. And hers of course. At the end of the deal the threads will be moved down into the Den area. Since this is a sub forum of the Den, it will of course be R rated posts only. Advertising is of course part of this for both her site and ours. Normally we allow only a few advertising posts now and then, but for those who post in that area such is wide open. They are doing us a huge favor so that is all part of it. As in Brandy's area, the ONLY person allowed to begin threads in Brooke's area will be Brooke. However, anyone can reply and we VERY highly encourage you to do so. Brooke will be putting a WHOLE LOT OF WORK into this temporary area. If you do not reply, she will be very unlikely to continue such posts in more distant future either in that area, or the Den, or our Fetish Forum.


Why is this in the Den and not the Adult area? Because the main focus of this is the fur.


We are kind of hoping to feature one other member here in the future this way too. But that is still far distant.


I will try to get the forum in place here today. But not sure on the timing. So much work here to do in so little time I am afraid. But I will do my best.


Again, if you like Brooke's posts in that area please let her know. As Refur mentioned in a thread lately. YOU folks have the real power in these forums. Staff don't really have any. If You post it makes everything work. If you don't, it doesn't make any difference what staff does here, as it will never amount to anything.


So, In Ring two we are now Featuring Brooke0071! Have fun Brooke! And, Take it Away!


White Fox


P.S. The Forum will be locked to posts until we know for certain that all "Permissions" are working properly. So if you happen to see a lock on it don't worry. That is only temporary! Just give us a short time and it will be ready.

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