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The brooke thread


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This one i think is important!

May i suggest what all brooke*s thread's/post's is moved to a single thread,so that new members easy can find them.

And make clear for her,that you wish her continue post's to be in there.

This is a way to make her get's more customers.

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Are you thinking of Brandy's area up top by chance? Yes, that is available and advertising is essentially allowed unlimited there. BUT, We have to have funds to run this place, and unfortunately that is the one and only pay area here. It basically gives those who wish their own private forum and wiki area. Their own private site within ours really. It is essentially only viewable for a year, but we ALL know that Brandy did almost unbelievable amounts of work here. So she received a good deal of extra time in return for her huge commitment to this site.


We hope to have a surprise in that area in the not too distant future, but that is stilil WAY up in the air at the moment.


IF you are thinking of just one single thread with her posts that is also possible but it would only be done if she gives permission of course. We can see if she replies to this thread.

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A single thread would be a nice start.


I tried to send you a pm,got this:


General Error

template->_tpl_load_file(): File ./styles/prosilver/template/memberlist_view_thanks.html does not exist or is empty

Please notify the board administrator or webmaster: [email protected]

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This is another problem caused by attempting to install a bad modification today (Thanks for Posts).

Thanks for posting the error info; I will fix the problem, but probably not for several hours as locating the bad template could take a lot of time.

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I have been searching through your site so many times looking for this particular video:



Is it not uploaded? When will it be avilable for download?



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