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ok seems be a problem here

Guest sensualbill

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Have been chatting alot the old ffg site and all seem have same complaints this site is too hard to post links and pics up in the forumns People like furry and eva too name just a few they were huge contributors in ffg but havee shy away from here Helping them is not a solution alot sites these days including most porn sites have a very easy to use p[osting system Gone ffg and been posting easy there for years so is possible to add that to your system We were starting see activity here but seems to slowed down already and well if you snooze ggoys and girls you lose I know you say do this and that to post but well alot us people are not computer people just use the stupid things lo So is there gonna be any major upgrades to makes adding links etc coming a few if not alot wanna know cause 2 new threads a day doesnt keep people interested

LOves the new gallery but if that best you have will see them not staying here

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Again, what can we do to help? We need ideas.


If you are saying throw the whole site out and begin again, then someone else is going to have to do it. It involves hundreds of dollars in investment. HUMONGOUS amounts of typing time. Months of it. But if you have that, then we have no problems. Everyone is free to post on the web.


If you want changes here let us know, but we need to know what you want. Unfortunately these forums and the Galleries though are the best we have so if that isn't good enough, then I guess it means that we can't be of help to you. We love to have new members. We are doing our absolute best. But if our best is not good enough, then you can certainly start other sites if you wish. and we will even wish you luck and try to help.


AKCoyote and I have probably been averaging 8 to 10 hours a day here lately. I wish we could give you more. But we just can't. But if you don't understand how the GAllery works here for instance let us know. I know I tried to post on FFG's Gallery once and had problems. It is all what you are used to. I agree totally. I wish we could turn this site into FFG for you. But that is just not in the cards.

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Forgot. Please remember that you can go to all that work posting pictures in the forums. And two or three days later probably NO ONE will ever see them again because even then they are buried under other endless messages. Or you can post in the Gallery, and they can be always seen.

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Possibly I am too computer literate or the phpBB software is not easy enough to use, but posting links is not hard. Just enclose the URL in URL bbcode tags like:


If you have the URL already entered in the posting window, just highlight it and click on the URL button at the top of the posting window - that will put the bbcode tags around your URL.


Did you know that there is a help page listing all the standard BBCodes, what they do, and includes examples? Where you see "BBCode is ON" on the posting page, the word BBCode is a link to a FAQ page explaining BBcodes and how to use them.

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If you want to post a link, simply cut and paste it into your post, verbatim, like this:




It will appear as a clickable link, automatically.


If you do the same with a picture that is already available via the Internet, the user who clicks on the link will be taken to the picture:




You do not need to use any special tags or commands. Simply copy the link from the address bar of your web browser then paste it into your post. The only caveat is that you need to be sure to copy/paste the entire link, including the http:// part and all the punctuation marks.


If you want your picture to appear visible in the post simply include the link in your post and tag it with the IMAGE tag.


Use the form:




If you enter the following text into your post:



You will get this:




It shouldn't be too hard for any member to post a link or picture in any post but if anybody has trouble, please send me a message and I'll do my best to help.

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The forum, and it's setup is really no different than FFG. Granted styles, and whatnot are changed - the overall posting ability is the same.


If anyone has questions feel free to PM me, and I'll be glad to help.

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