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Piotr hits 2000 posts!!


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Let me be the first to Thank You for all of your efforts on The Fur Den.


Your insights and wisdom have made this a better place!


Now if we can just work on your Aussie humor??





Congratulations, Piotr!!!

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Indeed all. Mr B has been a very, very dedicated member of the fur community on the net for a very long time now. I think that he might even go back before my time but I am not quite certain. He still has two different sites on the net here that are posted in our links area.


Piotr is a very dedicated member and mod here and a respected member of the fur community. We are very lucky to have him spend as much time here as he does.


We are really glad to have you with us Piotr. This shows us what a dedicated member that you really are.


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I, of course, want to add my Congratulations!!! You have seen Mr B and I go at it tooth and nail before, but make no mistake about it - Difference of opinion in no way diminishes the respect that I have for this fur brother. Mr B is an icon in the fur community, and we're lucky to have him here as our Senior Moderator!


Thanks for all you do, Piotr!

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*Crawling out from under the rocks*


Thanks folks... didn't really think I'd hit that number as yet. Now all I gotta do is hmmmmm nah... can't mention that here can I... might break a rule or Dozen... agin *sigh*


Ah well, what would life be without the odd stoush/barney/run-in.



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Speaking of icons - !



Ladies and gentlemen, the lovely and gracious Ms Barguzin! Sandy, I thought you had forgotten us! Please join in the fun here. We need you!


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  • 2 weeks later...

Now that I can regularly contribute once again...


Congratulations Mr. B!!!


The fur community would not be the same without you and your contributions and you've always been a much valued addition! Hope you're around for thousands more!:D

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