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A Funny Thing Happened to Me on the way to The Forum


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Yep agree totally! If folks are looking for a site where moderators are constantly deleting and moving messages and banning people, then this is not it. They are here to help folks out with problems they might have navigating the site or finding things. Deleting spam messages. etc.


You would have to go back many months to find more than say 5 examples of a message moved or deleted.


We pride ourselves in that fact, and it ain a gonna change no more no more. As the old song says.


This is a site to have fun and not one to be negative with things like member's messages. or posts.


Enjoy yourselves folks.

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Looks like my Narnia thread has been locked. I must have left earlier than expected and not realised. So I'll have to put my post here.



It's just like the Ides of March in here, you all stood around with your little daggers to stick in my back. Like the woodworm heroes you are, you crawl out the darkness when you think it's safe, to afraid to do it to my face.


So what's your problem? My crap bedside manner, you'll get over it, or that fact I've been right? I suspect it's the latter that sticks in your throat more than anything.


AK says it takes time to change things and some folk are just to impatient. After seven years of doing nothing here I expect there were some impatient people. But just look what you've achieved in four weeks. It's bloody miraculous. So you see change can be achieved quite quickly and positive results gained, all it needed was a villain and Earendil to give you a good kicking to get you moving and the ideas to work with, which we both provided. Left to your own devices you'd still be in the same state you were, and you know it. So stab with your little daggers you mindless ungrateful few. I can take comfort from the fact I've received more private support for my actions here and requests not to leave than there are detractors here. So what does that say about you?


As for AK's comments on chat, time zones etc etc. Last time I was using chat both you and Refur were on the forum. I was conversing with someone in Canada and someone from Sweden. If I can mange so can you guys even if it's only for 10 minutes. Members here have made their mind up about you in your official capacity and it's not good. I tell you but you don't listen. They say the same, not interested, dismissive, nothing but excuses for doing nothing. Try at least to show them you do have a human side. I am presuming here of course you have one.


Last but not least lets address Refur's comments. The cure is worse than the ailment. Well yes, but nasty medicine is good for you and the patient is well on the road to recovery. Which was not where it was found. It was dying of neglect abandoned by its moderators, of which you were one. Now look at the place, no thanks to your tender mercies and wealth of ideas or forceful personality to push things forward. So vilify me, take E's and my ideas as as your own, you deceive no one but yourselves.


You've been played perfectly, and the game is still on.


Perhaps I should stay and watch.



I don't know you as well as some of the others here so I'm not familiar with how your entire experience has been with this board, but can you please just drop the "woe is me" and "it's me against the world" attitude already? Seems like every time I patrol these boards for new content, there you are just huffing and puffing on and on... on what seems like one subject after another. Enough is enough. We get it. You think you are hot stuff just because you make a couple of videos and then you feel betrayed because "Oh look, that website doesn't use the font I like. I might cry." Give it a rest already. You said you might only have two weeks before canceling your account (as if that has to be public at all....) could you at least make them a quiet couple of weeks instead of burning bridges everywhere you go?

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I have to ask becasue it is too intriguing, but do you ever post anything fur related?


Out of your 139 total posts, I count on 12 of those posts that have anything even briefly mentioning fur (and that is a kind estimate). Unless I'm off on some math then that leaves us with the statistic of 8.39% of your total posts ever, that have had any mention of fur. Old Pub threads were included, in this calculation.


Understand I do not mean this as any personal dig at you, but I am curious that you post little to nothing about fur. Why bother with this site then if you do not seem into it?

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