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ringtail fur

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Yes, Basserisk is Ringtail Cat. It feels a lot like Muskrat, only silkier and it has a wonderful golden hue, with a light underfur. I personally love it.


I can not post my ebay link here, since it would be spam, but click on my www address under my profile and you will find one listed on my store. There is information there in more detail.



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Now see thats an example of where the rules are a bir silly. Linda has educational info on her site and we have to go through hassle to get to it.


Would it not be adivasble to leave things like that to mods discretion?

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We have discussed this rule over and over as MOD's, and yes it is silly. But, it is a rule I fully support. Because it is the only way to save us from being bombarded with spam.


I actually believe I found a solution. I am trying to spend more time on my listings providing information on the fur, how to fit it, etc.


Once I get this set up, I am going to start trying to do some new things in the Marketplace. There I can legally post to my own site and ebay listings.


I think it will work out beautifully.


You probably don't realize this, Touch; but, before you, we hardly ever thought of Off Topic. Now the New Fur Den's format made that even an easier evolution. But, I hope that maybe the Marketplace can evolve as well.


Now if I just give up sleeping, I should have time to get this all done soon.



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