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New Forum on Site changes

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I am sorry that this message is duplicate, but I consider it high enough importance to do this...


Folks, you will soon see a new forum about improvements to our site. This will allow everyone to see the thoughts of others about this subject. That forum will show right under the "Den Forum".


Please post all messages on this topic there. Please do not post any messages on any other topic there. I am going to move two or three threads there now from other forums so that they are all in the same place. This way all posts on this subject can be easily seen there in one common spot.


If any thread should disappear for an hour or two please excuse. I am not as up to date on permissions here as I might be.


I hope that this makes it easier to see all material on this subject rather than making it more difficult!


Thanks all


White Fox

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wjy do new members and only some have restrictions like not be able to post links to forums and bottom of my pages says cant post links no wonder the site is slow to grow

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I am not understanding here. Every member is treated the same way. New members have no restrictions that old members do not have. I will check your membership and see if somehow something is set up wrong.


Folks Please let us know if you have a problem. We will do our best to solve it. I am though at the moment trying to understand your message as so far it does not make sense.

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In updating this website we have tried various ways to accomplish what we thought was needed at the time. It is possible that a few members may have accidentally been caught by one or more of the changes and thus prevented from doing some basic action. We can only fix these situations if we are informed they are occurring.


PLEASE if you are encountering a problem let us know.

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