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panda scans


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as in the old place i hope u like them,

if u want me to repost any older panda-scans let me know


5dcf4e408391066.jpg bfd383408391077.jpg 6934ee408391095.jpg 7c7046408391107.jpg e40bcd408391120.jpg 592775408391133.jpg 0d4f46408391144.jpg 561d4a408391153.jpg bb55a5408391164.jpg dcab43408391179.jpg 765d0c408391194.jpg 56bf59408391208.jpg f8f392408391227.jpg ea5ef4408391240.jpg 226539408391252.jpg 7f1be7408391261.jpg 64ef39408391272.jpg 52ea8a408391288.jpg ff1e4e408391296.jpg 686d0c408391304.jpg 1a3592408391310.jpg dd724e408391317.jpg 0fe1ec408391331.jpg 4b6236408391338.jpg



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Are these pictures things you collected or did you scan them yourself?

Nice scans, whoever did them.


Did a good job of descreening & demosaicing.

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Hello panda


it would be fantastic if you could repost scans from Samantha of Stoll


and Lipsia Pelze (Helga Nastri)!





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