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Atom feeds tried & due to no interest have been removed

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I have enabled feeds for several forums (but not the Fur Freaks forum at this time). Feeds are a new thing for us, so please be patient as we work through any problems.


Your comments and suggestions are welcomed.

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Somewhat tangential:


Speaking of Feeds, does anybody use Tapatalk to access different forums?


Tapatalk is a plug-in that we can install on our forum that lets you access the FD and other forums from your iOS or Android mobile device.




I like Tapatalk and I would use it to access the Fur Den but it takes time and effort to install and get working correctly. It's not something that I would do only for myself and just one or two others. However, if there is enough interest and if a dozen or more members would actually use it, I might install it for the FD.



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ATOM feeds were an easy to implement change, but as no one was interested, the feature has been disabled once again.

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