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Gong Li's gorgeous chinchilla-collared kimono from MofaG

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Gong Li wearing that gorgeous chinchilla-collared kimono cape is a sight to behold. An unparalleled beauty and a magnificent acting talent.


First name: Li

Last name: Gong


In Chinese, last names come first.


She (Gong's character Hatsumomo) is getting ready to go to the theater, and she hurriedly puts on that cape. I saw Memoirs of a Geisha twice, and I loved that cape the first time I saw it.


The catfight scene with Sayuri and Hatsumomo was very good. Hatsumomo ends up burning down the geisha house (called an okiya in Japanese). Gong's facial acting in the scene where she is groin groped by Auntie after she is discovered in flagrante with her love and slapped in the face with her lover's semen was sensational and very affecting.


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