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Why not any pics post in gallery?


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dont people post much pics here? Arent many ffg members here now? They could post as much as in ffg i think

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I'm thinking the same thing.Maybe it is that you dont know how many views you get.

I have a few scans from fashion magazines,should i start a thread insted of posting in the gallery?

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Whichever you prefer. Our Gallery currently has a problem with the "Flash based Multiple files" uploading method forcing members to use the "Simple one file at a time" method for uploads into our Sorting Bin.

Just remember that if you want to add an image to a post, it needs to either be in our Gallery, or be hosted on another website.

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Can you give us an idea where things went wrong please...


1. Were you using the "Simple method" or the bulk load one?


2. Can you tell me what the screen looked like when you could not load, and any error messages you might have gotten please.


We really want to have simple instructions that work, and have any issues in the Gallery taken care of so that everyone can use it.





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Yes, please provide more detail of the problem you encountered.

The only things I can think of that might have stopped you are a file size limit of 2MB and a restriction on unusual special characters in the file name.

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