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New UBB Code for Outlinks

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I just updated our forum software with a new UBB code that we can use for links to other sites which might have adult or other objectionable content.


The code is: [outlink]**My-URL**[/outlink]

(Where the text "**My-URL**" is replaced with the entire link you want to post.)


Simply put the bracketed UBB code around any URL link and the forum software will do the rest.


There is also a new button on the posting page that does this automatically. Just select the entire URL link that you want to apply the tag to and click the button. The code will be inserted for you.


We are asking that members who post links to other websites which may have adult content or anything else that "tender souls" should not see please use this code. When a visitor to the Fur Den clicks on your link, they will be redirected to a warning page that gives them the opportunity to refuse the link.


Use of this code is mostly voluntary but we ask that members please use it wherever they think it might be helpful. Mods and admins may edit posts to add the tag when they believe it necessary.


We are trying to broaden our horizons, here and we hope that this will help.


So far, so good. If we keep the adult stuff in the Fur Freaks forum and using this new tag when we can, I think we'll be okay.


P.S. We are working on updating our posting guidelines. Things are going well but I think we need to do it gradually. So far, so good.




(Any comments?)

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