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I have posted on the gallery two pictures what i want help in knowing more formation from any one about them has i did not know how to post them on this thread.

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Mark, you can post them here only using "Image" when you type out your post. However, we try to discourage that because they are quickly then weighted down under hundreds of other posts and no one will see them again. So it is much better to post them in the Gallery as you have done. Then, just link to them here. I just moved them in our Gallery into the proper Fashion Album. To link to them as I have done here, just click on the "Image" tab when you type the post, and place the URL of the photograph in the Gallery between the tabs. For Firefox for instance just find the proper URL to use between the tabs by clicking "Copy Image Location"


One is by Majestic, and the other is so similar that I believe that it will be as well. Here are the links...







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Just click on our "Gallery" link in the bar way above and go there, and then look for them in the "Fur Fashion" album. The above are just links to those. The photographs are actually residing in the Gallery.



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