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New index link. Hope this helps make site less confusing...

White Fox

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normally I would post this in our "Information Forum", but I thought more members might see it this way.


Members have commented lately that it is hard for new members to find the index to our forums here. Many people book mark the main "Den" forum, and then don't see the main index easily as it is kind of hidden on top of our rules area. We have been listening to those comments, but took us a little while to think of a way that might help this situation. Now instead of a link to "Home" in our links under our title you will see "Forums Index". This link easier to find for new members. In turn it makes an easier way for new members to find our other forums. Also, some folks do not like too many links so we have made some other alterations to help that as well.


Hope that this helps. We always try to address suggestions, but some times it takes us awhile to figure out ways to implement them in ways that don't affect upgrades later on.



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