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Conditioning Fur Coat Pelts


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Conditioning Your Pelts So Your Furs Last Longer


Have you conditioned your fur pelts (other side of fur) professionally or by yourself?

I've used mink oil and leather conditioner without silicones to keep my pelts from drying out.

Feel free to share your experiences.


I've paid $500 to have my blue fox coat conditioned at a furrier, and I also used my own hands to rub mink oil into the pelts to keep them supple (skunk, mink, fox, coyote, lynx).



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Agreed that drying out is the major aging/deterioration process that affects fur pelts. However my experience with a classically trained furrier is that there are NO products available for conditioning non-smooth unfinished leathers. There are both cleaners and conditioners available for finished smooth leathers, but not unfinished rough surface leathers. Furriers do use a glazing spray on furs (hair side) that contains lanolin and helps slow the drying process, but I am not aware of anything that is recommended for the leather side of pelts. I have heard that mink oil is bad for unfinished non-smooth leathers.


Also I moved this topic from the Info Zone as the Den forum is a better place for this subject matter.

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We keep them at our own professional storage.

approximately 5-10 degrees Celcius (avoids moths and keeps the hair in good condition) and humidity must be 45-55% no more (too humid may rot the pelt), no less (will dry).

But trying to store it on your own and not under controlled temp/humidity the pelts will probably eventually dry out no matter what

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