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high fashion or sacrilege? fox or sable?

Guest blowjob

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I wouldn't necessarily call it sacrilege but certainly a waste of money.

One of the beautiful things about sable is its natural color. Isn't it? Changing its color is changing its natural beauty.

Besides, the way I understand, dying fur affects its longevity. Doesn't it?


Why pay all that money for something that's not as good? It's a waste of money IMO.

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My opinion is the image might be mis-labeled. Fox, especially lower quality blue fox, is frequently dyed to make black fox or crystal fox. But I have not heard of sable being dyed. If the garment is dyed sable, then the pelts were probably low quality and not suitable for manufacturing without dying.


Having said what I did above, the garment does not look like fox so it could possibly be dyed Canadian sable. I strongly doubt Russian sable would be dyed.

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