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Wild Haggis

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fur of wild haggis must be ok to use

taking some fox and rabbit and some feathers and you have that animals

hide from rabbit and fox really nice to use as fur. feather tickling the also very good. then furs from a wild haggis Must be ok to use

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The problem with Hagis is that they have shorter legs on one side of their body than the other. This is so that they can run around on the sides of the Scottish hills better without falling over. This is why you never see a Haggis on flat ground. Any that venture onto flatish ground fall over straight away and get picked off by the Golden Eagles.


This eccentiricity of the legs also means that the pelts are not high quality, as the fur on the side of the shorter legs is also worn, and coarse from rubbing on the heather.


The Scots don't usually have time to worry about the pelts as they are too delicious to bother


If you want to attemp to introduce a Haggis fur trade it might be worth a try, but they are VERY hard to see and catch. And bear in mind that future generations of your offspring might evolve shorter legs on one side of their body, and keep falling over, (or run in circles).


Better to forget about the fur and just to eat them like the Scots do with tatties and neaps and washed down with a pint of Iron Brew. If you do so sitting on the side of a Scottish glen in the wonderful cooling Scottish drizzle, kept warm by the shivering whilst you feed the mosquitoes, then Life does not get much better.

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