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hood or no hood

White Fox

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I know my ideas on this but I would love to know what our members think about hoods on full fur coats and jackets. Do you prefer a hood or a large collar? To me I love a hood. It just seems to me that you want a fur coat on the cold days of life. So, since you are wearing this coat or jacket on cold days, then why not have a full hood on it to stop the wind, etc.


The one disadvantage, and yes I know it, is that it can blow off in the wind. I wish that they would make them with tie strings more often to tighten them when you face into a strong wind. But on the whole I love a fur hood.


Any thoughts folks?

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The one disadvantage,.... is that it can blow off in the wind.
That is why I like arctic style parkas. I own 2 and when the hood is zipped closed the wind can still catch the hood, but cannot blow it off the head.
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I prefer super huge collar.. the 80s styles coats where the collar was at the top of your head and literally covered the sides of your face as well.. and then a nice big fur hat as well!!

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