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A virtual tour of a fur shop


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I for one want to help ensure this site stays up and running and would encourage everyone else to do the same.


I don't post very often but since I'm here, this is pretty cool. You can go in and walk around but no touching!




NOTE by AKcoyote: This and the following 3 posts were split off the Fur in the future topic to keep that topic on topic.

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What a beautiful web site the way that you can tour around inside. I can understand "no touching" too, with the number of white and light coloured furs in there.


Do you know where this is located?



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Sitka Furs is owned by the same family that owns Alaska Fur Gallery in Anchorage Alaska. And like many fur shops, they make very little of what they sell.

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very nice. How is that made and put on google I wonder?
Probably the same 360 degree camera technology that google uses for their street view images.
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