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Ebay Global shipping


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I do not use it but you might find those emails I got intersting...



Hi Beth

I never did sign up for Global shipping because furs or fur trims are listed

as not accepted including all sorts of things that are endangered etc.


Was your customer reimbursed for your item from your paypal or post office as not delivered?


I went to the Global deal store on eBay and they have an ocelot coat that is listed as ocelot in the listing heading.

311208462760 It is only $300 and something. I would buy it in a heart beat for the designers I sell fur pillows to

but I am not going to do business with them. I find that really outrageous that the fur was probably seized then

either sold to Global or given to them if they are some sort of eBay subsidiary and it is still illegal to sell ocelot.


I looked at the rest of their furs and they all have different backgrounds definitely using the photos of the

original listings. How would they know the sold original listing numbers to glean the pictures from if EBay and

Global weren’t cohorts. Plus they have tons of snakeskin and reptile shoes and handbags.


This whole thing smells and I hope you can get to the bottom of this.


Keep me updated.






Hi everyone, hope all is well with you and yours. I would highly recommend NOT using eBay's global shipping program. They're indiscriminately deciding which items do and do not pass with customs and keeping those they decide to not ship. Then they are reselling them as the Global_Deal_Store. Check out my item I sold that didn't reach my buyer in the U.K., 361113832105, and the item they're selling in their store, 311201261322. Additionally they're using my photo. Unbelievable!!! And they've been doing this for some time.





Another email mentioned that they seized a Lynx coat they sold and tried to ship to Germany

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Sounds dodgy. I would be surprised if eBay was doing shit like that as they are a global brand worth millions. But something s never cease to amaze

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