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The return of Lana Cox for The Love Of Fur


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Hello everyone,


Good news from us at The Love of Fur. For those of you who do not already know, we finally brought Lana Cox back to the studio for another set of great fur fetish photographs and videos! So good to see her wearing fur and still looking as sexy as ever!


You can find her new scenes only at The Love of Fur!




Have fun!

Mr Mockle

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Thanks Mr Mockle,


How did you manage to get her back? She is as hot as ever!!!


I will be honest I did actually re-join your site to see her videos.


Thanks again.

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That's great news Mr M, I remember seeing Lana when I was just starting out on my fur journey, and was transfixed. I am pretty sure she was the first model that I had seen modelling furs in a sexy way, rather than all the fashion pictures that I had only seen up until then. It was after seeing pictures of Lana that I realised there was a whole host of pictures and videos of fur fetish out there to find!!!

I will be getting over to your website to check it out

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If anyone decides to register for Mr Mockle's site and see videos please use the link in our bar above. When you do that we get credit here and it also helps us to know how our sites are working, etc.


Thanks all



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