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Anyone recommend a ski resort?


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My wife wants to go to a ski resort over Christmas, someplace where she can no doubt wear her furs. We currently live in Tennessee, and I'm looking for someplace in the surrounding states or a little higher.


Anyone know of a good place in the East or near the Southeast?

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I know this isn't a ski resort but what about Biltmore?


It's not far from where you are and it's definitely a place where you can wear fur. There is an inn on the grounds. It's a pretty classy place.


During the Christmas season, they go all-out with the decorations, too.

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I'd say Park City, Utah. It is AMAZING! Great shops. There is even an Overland store there. Many furs. Park City is where part of the winter Olympic games were held when the Olympics were in Salt Lake City, Utah. In addition to Park City, there are many other resorts around Salt Lake. Brighton is a blast!


Best snow in the world!


NOTE: I'm from CA

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