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documentary on fur and fur production


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Hi guys,


Im new here, but have been around the fur scene for some time.


I recently found this documentary on furs. Was quite fair and provided some perspective and asked some interesting questions.


I wont give away the final conclusions, except to say it didn't sway my opinions.


Kill it, Skin It, Wear It (2008): http://youtu.be/-r7TQVW4dZQ


Anyway enjoy

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People are weird about stuff like this.


I work at a place that is an "environmental education" center and I am often incredulous at some of the things I see.


There is a large picture window where people can look out and see animals at the bird feeders.

Birds, Squirrels, Woodchuck, (groundhog or marmot) Raccoons and the occasional deer.

So, on more than one occasion, I've seen a family looking out the window when they spot a deer. The kids are all saying things like, "Cool! Neato!" The mother says, "Oh, how beautiful!"

The father stands there and says, "If I had a gun I'd kill it."

And I'm standing there, watching from afar, and I think, to myself, "WTF?"


I've had people bring in baby birds that they've found on the ground, asking if there is somebody who can "save" this poor bird. I don't have the heart to tell them that their actions have probably doomed the bird to die. I am forced to take the baby bird and turn it over to a game warden. (Because it is illegal to possess wild animals without a permit.) If the game warden can't return the bird to its original home, they are required to euthanize it.


F.Y.I... The best thing to do if you find an injured bird (if it is not an endangered species) is to leave it alone! If you MUST do something put it under a bush where it is out of harm's way and let nature take its course. Again, if it is an endangered species, call a game warden or a licensed conservationist. Otherwise, your actions might be unwittingly doing more harm than good.


There is a stuffed (taxidermy) fox on display in the lobby. I can't tell you how many people come in and look at the fox with a sorrowful look on their face and ask, "Who would kill such a thing just for a display?" Some people are even indignant about it! But, when we tell them that the fox was killed by a car on the road, they say, "Oh... Well... that's okay, then..."


Again, I'm thinking like, "WTF?"

I don't know about you but, if I was a fox, I'd rather be shot than to be run over by a car! Wouldn't you?


Just for the record... There are lots of taxidermied animals on display at the environmental center and NONE of them were killed for the purpose of putting them on display! Every animal, except one, was killed because of human influence... road killed... displaced habitat... euthanized because it was injured or had a disease. We have ONE animal, a coyote, on display because it was coming too close to people's homes in a populated area so it had to be culled for public safety reasons. Rather than let it go to waste, it was taxidermied and put on display for educational purposes.


People just have freakin' weird ideas about animals!


The very same people who will shoot a deer without batting an eyelash will turn right around and say that it's NOT okay to kill an animal for fur!


People are STRANGE!

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