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I decided to do a CGI project that is a little bit more "normal," as it were.

I have been creating a virtual fur coat for a virtual character model.


It takes a lot of work just to do the modeling. Then you have to get the fur to look right. Then there are a hundred details to get right.


Anyhow, here is a snapshot of the current state of the project:


[image]http://thefurden.com/cpgfd/albums/userpics/10380/normal_FurCoat1.png[/image] [image]http://thefurden.com/cpgfd/albums/userpics/10380/normal_FurCoat2.png[/image]


Got a lot of work to do, still!

I've got to smooth out the fur collar. Fix the cuffs and the trim.

I'll probably want to change the pattern of the fur. I've got a thing about tiger stripes. But I can change it to leopard spots or zebra stripes or anything at all... or nothing.

I probably will make a version of it with solid colors


I think I also want to work on the shape of the coat. I think it fits like a burlap bag. I think I want to make it more form fitting.

If you look at the back, you can see where her elbows are poking through the virtual fabric. I've got to fix that. And the hair.


I'm open for suggestions and critiques, here.


The program used to do all this is called "Blender."

It's kind of like Auto-Cad on steroids.




If anybody is interested to know more or even collaborate on a project, give me a PM.

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I am not in a position to collaborate, but I can offer a few opinions


I agree with your self-critique especially about the elbows showing through and the collar. Other than that, the pattern I think needs a change. Currently it appears as a pelt on pelt style, but I prefer a more uniform coloration such as let-out pelts worked vertically. I realize that could be more difficult to achieve but I do think the result might look better.


Anyone else willing to offer CONSTRUCTIVE criticism



Worker should be congratulated on becoming a good amateur CGI artist. Working with Blender (or any other professional level CGI software) is harder than it looks.


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Looks to me that you have a great start to your project there so far. Yes, there are issues to fix that you have pointed out, and I think you will find the solution to them at some point.


Best I can do is cheer you on from the sidelines since I have no real skill in trying to do something like this.

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Latest Update:


[image]http://thefurden.com/cpgfd/albums/userpics/10380/normal_FurCoat1019F.png[/image] [image]http://thefurden.com/cpgfd/albums/userpics/10380/normal_FurCoat1019B.png[/image]


Work in Progress: Rendering a fur coat for a virtual model.


Removed the model's hair for better view of fur collar. The long hair was getting in the way so I just deleted it. (Actually just made it invisible.)


Removed fur trim and cuffs to simplify the workflow. It's easier to work on just one thing. The other fur trim just made it hard to see what's been done.


Re-mapped the stripes texture to the mesh. I can actually make almost any pattern.

But, anyhow, I like tiger. So, I remapped the stripes to fit the whole coat.

It could be stars and stripes if we wanted.

I'll probably end up making it a solid color or maybe a more subtle, variegated color, more like real fur.


Tweaked fur settings for main coat. Changed the length of the fur just a bit. Made the fur fall with (virtual) gravity just a bit more.


Tweaked fur settings for collar fur. Made it a bit longer. Changed the virtual gravity setting.

Did a virtual "combing" to make all the fur go in the right directions.

It's better but still not satisfied. What do you think?


Remodeled the main coat so elbows don't poke through the sleeves.

STILL not completely satisfied with the shape of the coat.

Tried to make it shape more to the body but it still looks like a sausage instead of a garment.

Going to have to work on this.

Probably going to have to do a real-time physics simulation to make the cloth fall with gravity... Major computing time, there!

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I don't know how you have the patience (to work with the software).

Can you put the model into a more natural pose? Also can you simulate different lighting conditions?


Good luck

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I don't know... I don't think it's that hard.

It takes a lot of practice and the work is time consuming but it keeps my mind occupied.


We can pose the model in virtually any pose a human can perform and some poses that humans can't.

Same goes for lighting. It's mostly about what you want it to be. (Or how lighting fits your mood and setting.)


Current progress:


[image]http://thefurden.com/cpgfd/albums/userpics/10380/normal_FurCoat1021_1_1F.png[/image] [image]http://thefurden.com/cpgfd/albums/userpics/10380/normal_FurCoat1021_1_1B.png[/image]


Changed lighting and pose.

Re-modeled the coat. Entirely re-created the mesh from scratch.

Re-mapped the pattern onto the new mesh.

Created trim and cuffs.


I'm going to have to redo the collar from scratch, as well.

You can see where the trim at the front of the coat only comes up part way. That's where I plan to make the collar come down to... But I can make it go lower. I think I might. What do you think?


I think I might like to make a nice, big, fluffy collar. Maybe even a big shawl collar.

I don't know... Depends on whether I can figure out how to model it and make it look good.

And what my inspiration brings at the moment...

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Big collar, big trim is good. I like it where the trim turns/rolls out as if it is an extension of a generous lining within. It creates an organic shape, reminiscent of the natural world - like an orchid or dare I say it 'lady parts'.

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