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Moved a lot of topics.

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I have gone back through the topics in this forum for the last calendar year and have moved a lot of topics which contain any kind of adult content to the "Fur Freaks" forum.


If anybody else spots any forum topics or posts within a forum topic which contain adult content, please contact me so that I can move it to Fur Freaks. I tried to be thorough but everyone makes mistakes. Right?


As a reminder, if you are a consenting adult who wants access to the Fur Freaks forum, please contact an admin and we will update your permissions to give you access.

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'Good Job' as they say in the USA. Thank you and the other Mods for all your hard work.


Can we make the distinction between erotica and porn? Porn must be kept firmly in the 'fur freaks anonymous' area. The fact is this site started as a fan site for 'lovers of fur' and so the erotic undercurrent cannot be entirely divorced from the subject matter, which ever way you look at it. The fact is the fur fashion industry is selling sex and power and not about keeping warm on a cold day. Seriously does anyone really buy a fur coat for practical reasons only? There is a delicate line to tread between erotica and porn.

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Good question!


What do you guys think?


Where do you think the line should be drawn?


Boobs and bums?

Frontal nudity?


Give me some ideas that we can toss around.

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