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Changed My Mind About Posting My Family Fur Activities Here


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This site has become a place that I do not care to discuss my wife's and my fur activities anymore. This site should be renamed Brooke's Porn Hub and she should be paying this site some big bucks for letting her advertise her porn as blatantly as she is.


This is certainly no longer any where near a site that is for everyone. It used to be that we could find everything dealing with fur from the sublime to the profane. Now one just finds the profane.


Oh well.



Save the Environment. Wear Fur.

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This was NOT designed as just a fur fetish / fur porn website

As our header states, the site was designed to be for ALL variations of fur appreciation. While the term "fetish" has several definitions and while some clearly define what you are into, the appreciation and enjoyment of the non-sexual aspects of fur can also be defined as a fetish although not commonly considered so.


While we appreciate your posting in our forums and the responses your posts get, may I suggest that you consider making most of your posts about your website in the Fur Freaks forum.


Your last comment was totally out of line as selling furs from one's personal inventory that they no longer use is NOT a commercial enterprise.

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Sorry to offend I just thought beautiful girls and fur's... Mm mm maybe I'm wrong??? Please don't be offended!!!


Mistress XXX

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Thank you furbob! I feel the same way.


Thank you too AK for your thoughtful comment.


Brooke: "...your in the wrong place..." should be "...you're in the wrong place..." the "you're in this case is a contraction of 'you + are". Also, "...fur's..." is simply plural therefore "furs". Sorry, I'm cursed by my mother to correct grammar.

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Guys... FYI:


I am already in the process of moving a lot of forum posts into the Fur Freaks forum so that they will only be accessible to consenting adults.


With that in mind...

If there is a member who is a consenting adult, who wants access to the Fur Freaks forum, please ask and we will give you permission to access the forum.

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In reality I am not posting anything wrong here just links, so please if you are morally offended please don't follow my links!



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I don't know about what other people think but, for me, it's not necessarily a moral question.


I think it's more like a personal choice issue.

Sometimes, I want to see adult content. Sometimes, I don't. Other times, it comes in some place in between.

There are times when I want to see people rooting like wild hogs but there are times when I don't want to see anything.


I believe most people think in a similar way.

I think the Fur Freaks forum is a good compromise between the two.


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