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Protect the Harvest

Guest furlessinCA

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To All:


I have been absent on the FD purposely as the porn and smut don't float my boat. But who am I to judge? Thus I choose not to visit the FD.


At any rate, I always hoped there would be more thoughtful discussion about fur and fur products. To that end, I am including a link to "Protect the Harvest" which is a group dedicated to protecting animal use including farming/ranching, pets as well as hunting and fishing. The fur industry (and the FD) would be smart to partner with Protect the Harvest as all parties involved have a stake in humane, controlled animal use.



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Yes, FurlessinCA, sorry that some things got missed for awhile. With two of our staff here down with cancer and a number of others not able to get here much any more our staff is pretty thin at times. We just simply missed some of those messages.


I think that all of us on both sides of this are to blame for that as well. We sometimes get to thinking that EVERYONE wants to see that as there are so many people with a lot of "drive" who keep asking us for it. Thus, we can sometimes forget that we very definitely need a place for it and we do have one. And that we should keep these type of messages separate for those who want and appreciate them. That in fact allows us to make those type of messages even better than we could if they really were allowed here. And at the same time keeps messages here "Straighter" as well. That is what makes our site so different from some of the others.


Anyhow, we will try to do better in the future. I really want to thank you for the comment though above all. It is comments like Yours here that allow us to make this a better site. If more people would give us such comments, we would be able to know better what direction to take the Den. We don't always know that as people kind of sit back and whisper in the background instead of really telling us their thoughts. I think that some reactions to negative comments on a very few other sites make people scared to make them here thinking that we might not appreciate them. But we WANT to hear them. We like to hear positive ones every once in awhile, but it is the really negative ones that really help us! Without those we are living in a very "Closed World" indeed! That closed world suddenly becomes OUR web site where we are the "Cops and Administrators" rather than the folks providing the site that each of you would like to have as your own. And in turn everything becomes "Ours" rather than "Yours". And that is all wrong!


Thanks again!



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