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Makes sense as children need not only the colostrum from their mother's milk to get their immune systems started, but exposure to mostly benign microbes to develop antibodies that will keep them healthy for the most part.

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As expected, this sanitised highly cleansed World with products to spray and kill 99% of bacteria might in actual fact be more harmful to us, in the long run.

Common sense is useful......


Go for it Kostas I say.....

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Our little girl is now 6 months old, and has been exposed to fur and sheepskin since day 1. She has a sheepskin lining in her pram, which keeps her cool in he summer, allowing airflow, and insulates well in the winter. Most parents seem to use sheepskin in the pram here in Australia, is it common in the States too?


I had an old blue fox coat that was a bit torn up, so I got the only furrier left in Australia that I could find, to turn it into 2 pillows and a rug. The pillows are always out on the sofa, and she loves to sit propped up against them and strokes the fur. She lies on the fur rug to play in the winter too, and loves it. The only thing you need to watch out for is that they don't inhale any loose fur.


Congratulations Fluffa on your upcoming bundle of joy. The sleepless nights are worth it in the end.



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