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Happy 5th Anniversary to The Love Of Fur


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Hello everyone!


Well then: happy 5th anniversary to The Love Of Fur!


Is it really that long ago since we shot our first few scenes in summer 2009 and opened our doors to give you fur fans something new? We’ve grown since then, having worked with over 40 models and in some great locations – and with some stunning fur coats – to give you all the best fur fetish scenes that we can and even try to fulfill a few of your most special and personal fur fantasies too.


From us all here at TLOF Towers, we’d like to thank you all, our followers, members and customers over the years for your support and feedback to us. It is invaluable to us and without it all we wouldn’t be here for you all!


We’d also like to thank the many wonderful fur fetish models who have graced our scenes over these five years. Their hard work on camera has been amazing and being under the studio lights and thick furs on hot summer days to turn you guys on is tougher work than you might believe!


So, on we go! Five years of scenes in the can but no rest for us! Shooting begins again soon so must crack on!




Many, many thanks to you all again! Here’s to the next five years of furry frolics!

Mr Mockle

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Congratulations Mr M!


To honor The Love of Fur's 5th anniversary, we are displaying one of their banners on the index page of these forums.

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Indeed Mr M it is so great to have a site such as yours around for such a long time. Not many fur sites are left now that have been around for that long.


We highly encourage folks to give a click on the link on the banner and visit Mr M's site if you have not already. This will help both MR M to provide even more and better videos, and over and above that help the Den here as well.


We also hope to develop an even closer working relationship between Mr M's site and ours in the not too distant future or two or three different fronts. Watch for more details in the future. Stay Tuned!


Again Mr M, Great to hear such good news. I had no idea it had been that long.


White Fox

Member of the Den Staff

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