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Video of a Chinese fur factory


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Apparently, some Russian buyers visit a Chinese fur factory and film this video while some 30-40 workers are engaged in all stages of production.


Very interesting video. It would be great if we could discuss various aspects of making fur coats, tools that are shown in the video, etc. The following are some of the points I noticed:


2:06 - Patterns cut out from brown wrapping paper for various designs and sizes hanging on the wall.

2:09 - Girl joining two fur pieces on a fur sewing machine.

2:14 - Guy apparently straightening (and stretching?) a pelt using a spatula?

2:18 - More patterns on the walls but also, patterns drawn on plywood plates stacked on worktables.

2:20 - Not an enjoyable sight! I would rather not think about this half naked guy squatting over what will become my fur coat:)

2:33 - Now we get to see what he is doing. The fur pieces are not let-out, but they are not joined through the skin-on-skin technique, right? I think the leather side of the fur pieces is moistened first to give them elasticity and then they are stretched and stamped on the plate.

2:45 - Guy straightening the furs with a spatula-like tool and applying hot iron&steam?

3:06 - Lots of sleeves stretched on plates.

3:24 - fur cleaning machines

4:31 - so many scraps!

5:01 - sewing pockets and other finishing touches

5:08 - linings

5:17 - final ironing steps

5:26 - raccoon coats on racks

6:08 - are these sable pelts?

6:25 - Matching pelts.


And this is probably the storage part of the factory above. So many fox pelts!

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Your comment about the 2:33 point is a bit off - he is stretching and stapling the pelts to a board.  The pelts have been moistened with an alcohol & water mix. The reason for moistening and stretching the pelts is to remove the elasticity from the leather. This keeps the pelts from stretching after they have been sewn into a garment.

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Without looking at the video, I'd say yet another reason NOT to buy products made in China.


I try not to. Difficult I know.


My $0.02



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Yes, over stretching pelts can weaken them, but pelts MUST be stretched to remove the natural elasticity of the leather. If pelts are not stretched, any garment made from the pelts would become severely misshapen when the forces on the pelts cause them to stretch. Knowing how much to stretch various types of pelts is part of the furriers art.

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And this is probably the storage part of the factory above. So many fox pelts!

Oh wow! I just want to be there and feel all those gorgeous pelts! So hot.

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This is just terrible please take the link down. That's not right. China doesn't even have any ethical standards to make coats. I won't buy unless it's European/Canadian/USA made and/or farmed.

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